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Looking to build a new house or extend your property? But don’t know where to start? Call us NOW for free planning permission & design advice!

Our no obligation design advice service is designed to provide guidance, information and inspiration you may need to begin the design process. We are able to visit the property or land which is to be developed and answer your fundamental questions, such as;

  • Do I need Planning Permission
  • What can be achieved
  • What are the possible costs
  • How long will the project take

The Design Studio Architect’s team are also keen to ensure you as the client are fully involved in this exciting project and we welcome any ideas you wish to share. We can establish the possibilities and challenges involved with the site.

This is also gives us the opportunity to explain the processes involved from initial consultation to completion via the RIBA workstages (RIBA work stages Image may be useful here?) or flow chart


Design Studio Architects understands what planning authorities look for in residential and commercial designs and we have built good working relationships with planners over many years. Our clients benefit from our experience and strong professional contacts.

Detailed planning application documents/drawings are developed, using our teams experience and negotiating power with local councils to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently. We are able to present our designs in various mediums to ensure the best possible chance for planning approval.

Building Regulations

Once the Local Authority has granted planning permission and you are in a position to prepare for the build, a set of building regulation drawings can be provided. The drawings will incorporate a various elements such as thermal, acoustic, fire safety, health and safety, electric layout, drainage information, ventilation, structure and all other regularity requirements.