From November 2014

Gift Ideas for Architects

Whether you can’t wait for Christmas or you’re a modern day Ebeneezer Scrooge, the time of year has arrived for you to dedicate much of your time – and more often than not, hard earned cash – on deciphering Christmas lists and buying presents for the closest people in your life. In the unfortunate circumstance that one of these people happens to be an architect (or architectural student for that matter!) you know how much of a nightmare this process can be!

Architects are seen as elusive, mysterious people; up all hours, talking in technical jargon and with an –bordering on obsessive- eye for detail and quality, which makes buying presents for these characters even harder to buy for. Below, the staff here at Design Studio Architects have put together a list of some of the most interesting and inventive gifts to make Santa that little bit less stressed this Christmas:


  1. Wacom Inkling

wacom inkling – £94.22


The Wacom Inkling is an amazing little device that you can clip onto a notebook to capture your notes or drawings. This gadget comes with a ballpoint pen (although a very fancy one) that incorperates a digital transmitter which interacts with the base receiver  on the paper to record all of your penstrokes. These penstrokes are then converted into a digital linework that can be edited in most editing suites.

  1. Portabee GO

Portabee GO – $595


Introducing the new Portabee digital printer!

This 3d printer comes in a small form with an outer of milled aluminium. The most amazing part about this little machine is that it’s completely portable, self – containing and self – levelling! To use, you simply remove it from its cover, twist the arm into position, hand tighten it into place and let it work out the horizontal for itself! No more altering the bed angle and awkward changing and tightening of multiple parts. Its limits are your own creativity!

  1. Leap Motion

leap motion€89.99


Ever wanted to feel like tony stark? Be able to pick up digital objects in the virtual world with your own physical hands? Or do you just fancy playing virtual tetris?

Leap motion has entered V2; with better programming and more fluid application, the Leap Motion tracks your hand and converts the movement of external objects into digital movement on your computer, this can be used for flying around in google maps or real work implications like handling 3d objects in Autodesk programmes such as Maya.

  1. Magicplan App

magic plan 1magic plan 2

Android & Apple Appstore – free!


Magicplan is developing quickly and the idea behind it is a sound one. By standing in the centre of a room and taking photos of the corners and door openings your phone can draw a rough plan of a room in a few minutes. Combined with a laser measurer you can produce incredibly accurate plans in exceptionally quick times.


  1. 5.       Ostrichpillow

ostrich pillow  £65


You know the scenario: Huge project, no time. The makers of the Ostrichpillow have decided to make your nights in the studio somewhat more comfortable. At the point at which you need to –metaphorically- stick your head in the ground and wish the world away, this gift will be a godsend. With openings for your head and hands, the pillow gives you a place to catch up with some sleep when you don’t have a bed around.

  1. XS – Big ideas, Small Buildings

XS  £15 The world needs to read more books. This book is one of a series by Phyllis Richardson and Lucas Dietrich on – you guessed it – small buildings. This books explains the theories and concepts behind some these beautifully designed spaces from Thomas Heatherwicks sitooterie to a cantilevered pod in the Alps.


  1. Black Turtle Neck

black turtleneck  – £14


The black turtleneck is synonymous with the designer. No one knows why. Rem Koolhaas wore a black turtle neck, Steve Jobs wore a Black turtleneck. I want a black turtleneck. To complete the look grab yourself some circular or keyhole glasses and you’re in business.


  1. 5x5x5 rubics cube

rubiks 5x5  – £19.99×5

So you think you’re good at solving puzzles? Maybe you’re a Rubik’s cube king? You should try the 5x5x5 Rubik’s cube for that extra mental test.  Like the original, only harder.

  1. Steep  – TBA

steep coffemug


This handy little mug is as beautiful in aesthetics as its purpose: to keep your hot drink of choice warm. An all ceramic mug with a hand dipped glaze, the Steep won’t make your tea taste strange like other metallic flasks. And with a screw on top, even when you get called out on a survey, you can take your drink in a container as classy as unique as you feel.

  1. Senz Smart Umbrella

senz umbrella – £24.95


Whether you’re out on a survey or just walking to work; when it starts raining the worst thing that can happen is the wind picking up and breaking your barrier to the elements. The slick Senz umbrella is windproof up to 70mph, will never go in-side out and with strengthened, silver ABS and Evafoam grip, the handle will be as sturdy and the canopy.

Joe Jeacock,

On behalf of Design Studio Architects.

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