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National Storytelling Week: Paula’s Journey into Architecture

National Storytelling Week is almost over and we’d like to share the story of one of our team, Paula. Here’s her journey into the world of architecture…

“My initial interest in architecture was related mainly to the curiosity of knowing how people relate and react with different spaces, colours and textures, their necessities, and how this can change from time to time (in a society, culture, etc…)

This interest led me to study architecture and urban design at university in Brazil. During my studies I was fortunate to gain experience in interior design. I also did some voluntary work at a local hospital, which led to my interest in health projects.

After graduating in 2014, I worked for a company that developed schemes exclusively for the public sector, which gave me experience with institutional projects such as health, residential, landscape and administrative offices. During my time at this company I helped to supervise an office with a small team of 10 employees from disciplines including engineering, architecture and topography. I enjoyed the opportunity to give presentations at council meetings, which helped to develop my confidence. Whilst working for this company I was also carrying out some interior design projects for clients of my own on the side!

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In June 2016 I moved to England, where I applied to join Design Studio Architects. During my time here so far I have had the opportunity to be involved in several residential schemes including student accommodation, house extensions, flats and new buildings.

Working with Design Studio Architects has given me a better insight of the private sector – as I used to work with councils I never used to deal with clients directly, so being in touch with the clients and having to develop schemes for their needs is what I’ve been developing the most. I’ve learned the process on how to get the projects approved, accommodating both the client needs and those of the council guidance/planning officers.”

National Storytelling Week – Our Story

Since this week is National Storytelling Week, we decided we’d like to share with you the story of our journey, from our foundation in 2013, to where we are now.

Design Studio Architects was formed in 2013. The directors have both come from experienced roles with well established architect practices, such as Pick Everard and leading housing developer (Bloor Homes) to create a design led commercial practice which trades on the reputation for efficient design and delivery. The practice initially ran from a small office in the city centre and relocated back in 2014 to its current location off Upper New Walk.


The biggest challenge for any emerging architect studio is always to find good clients and interesting projects to work on. As a young practice it can be difficult to get your first break. We are lucky that we have found some really exciting projects by building on our existing network of contacts. The practice gained RIBA Chartership in 2014 and expanded the team from 3 to 9 in our first three years and plan to build to over the next few years.


Our philosophy is to work without preconceptions to ascertain the unique qualities of each brief, taking into consideration the social, environmental, economic and technological context.

We are deeply curious about how thoughtful design can make people feel, and the positive impact it can create, whether it’s a comfortable and functional place for someone to live or something more magical


We’re keen to explore new areas and are in early discussions with various sectors to increase our project types in 2018.