Top trends in commercial architecture

There are many trends throughout the years within commercial architecture but some are here to stay. With the world becoming more consciously aware of the environment, many are coming up with new innovative ways to design where we live, work and spend our time. Here are 2019’s top new trends in commercial architecture.

Open-plan offices

In recent years open plan living has become extremely popular within residential buildings. This year has seen the trend integrate into commercial buildings and layouts. Open plan living has solved many issues within commercial and residential properties, including creating more space that seamlessly integrates the inside with the outside; this can be achieved through having large walls that fold away.

Environmentally-friendly design

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and decreasing the damage they are doing to the environment, as well as increasing their social responsibility. Brands are now more aware than ever about how much going ‘green’ matters to their employees and their customers and incorporate this by using solar panels on roofs, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, and recycling and recycling materials.

Flexible-working design

Commercial buildings have had to adapt how they function because flexible working is on the rise; many people work from home or split their working week between their home and the office. Gone are the days of having your very own desk, and it is hot-desking that is now more popular. Hot desking means that anyone can use any available desk at different periods of time. It’s easier if you have many employees that work from home and in the office.

Prioritising the experience of employees

Businesses are incorporating diverse elements from the hotel and hospitality industry to integrate experience-driven spaces into the workplace. This is all to prioritise wellness, enjoyment of the workplace and is all part of your brand. These elements speak to your company’s culture and can include things like massage therapy, rock climbing walls, game rooms, and yoga studios.