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Where will we be in terms of technology in years to come? We’ve all thought about it. That’s what was on our mind when receiving the brief for Regent Road student accommodation

Regent Road student accommodation

How could this project stand the test of time? We wanted it to be futuristic enough to still be relevant and desirable ahead of its time but not so futuristic that it became unappealing and uncomfortable.

The scheme was managed by K2 Consultancy. Their brief asked us to convert an old derelict Leicester University hostel into state-of-the-art, modern living spaces. More specifically, the brief required us to meet the needs of the Chinese student population. The project started onsite in January 2017 and was completed in September of the same year. Here’s what we did and why we did it.


Recognising that application software is quickly becoming integrated into everything we do, we couldn’t exclude this from our design. Whilst we didn’t want to make the accommodation unaffordable, we managed to get a few smart things in there! Our design allowed for onsite laundry machines and vending machines that were app activated. Making life easier for students who don’t want to waste any time performing such activities, whilst giving them a taste of the latest in smart technology, this student accommodation remains desirable in 2019 and beyond.

Spacious student bedroom in-keeping with K2 Consultancy’s branding


The colours featured within each apartment are based around K2 Consultancy’s corporate colours. We wanted the project to really reflect the client’s branding. With that in mind we also achieved a smooth, slick layout in both the living areas and the bedrooms. The new spaces were also designed to fulfil the occupants needs by offering comfortable, spacious bedrooms. This way, residents are able to really make it their own by switching up the layout and adding extra furniture.


We were able to go above and beyond K2 Consultancy’s needs by creating ensuite bedrooms and studio spaces within budget. Because of our contacts and creative – yet savvy – employees, we had bathroom pods made offsite and fitted onsite. As the brief needed us to focus on the needs of Chinese students especially, we created additional wok/cooking stations and bench style seating in the common areas to reflect Chinese culture a little more according to our research.

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