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Project Summary

Tiny Homes 

The design of the Tiny Homes module has been created with careful consideration of the client – the homeless youths of Chicago.
The hexagonal shape of the design took form to allow for each module to be connected to the others by party walls. Together, the 10 modules achieve an arched shape which allows great amount of daylight in each home throughout the day as well as creating an enjoyable internal courtyard for residential use. Each module is designed with the same open-plan layout, including spaces :catering for meal times, relaxing or having friends around.A flight of stairs leads up directly to a small office desk and study area with a double bed adjacent. The staircase has a second function of storage space for shoes or books to the side and a more traditional storage area beneath.
The module aims not only to provide a warm bed at night for the homeless youths, but to also create a home which they can make their own whilst giving them some of the necessities many youths have access to today in order to become independent and better educated.
The modules will be predominantly aluminium clad on the exterior facing the surrounding buildings and roads. To the courtyard facing a render has been chosen to allow the space to feel more open and better reflect the natural daylight through the internal space.

Each module will have a bespoke sky light to maximise the use of natural daylight. The landscape form is similar to that of courtyard and has been designed to create a homely garden the residents may call their own whilst feeling comfortable and safe using it.