What does your office say about you?

How office design and architecture speaks volumes about your company culture and brand

LCFC manager’s office redesigned by Design Studio Architects reflecting brand and company culture

More mindful working practices are creeping their way into society – and rightly so! Methods such as hot desking, meditating, and mood-boarding in the workplace are not uncommon these days and it’s all to do with wellbeing and mental health. Efforts to improve these two factors come in all forms, and architecture is no exception.

Creating culture

The working environment is created by architecture and design – your company culture will feed off this. Company culture, or personality of the business, impacts employees’ lives. If the building you spend most of your week in doesn’t inspire you or make you feel proactive, how successful can you expect your employees to be?

Fortunately, businesses are realising the importance of architecture and the role it plays in the workplace. We’re not saying you must imitate Google or Facebook’s out-there offices. You don’t need floor to ceiling windows and huge wide-open spaces to act as a blank canvas. And a balcony and a skylight are not necessary. But redesigning what you already have will cement your company culture.

Light, space, and colour impact mood. Combined, these aspects can make you feel calm, energised, or even optimistic. Think about how you want your employees and visitors to feel in your office before embarking on a refurbishment.

Creating brand

The best architecture reflects that of its occupants. Picture a university or a large historical bank. Those places know their brand and portray it through the architecture used. Buildings like these want to appear professional and impactful, like they hold significance in their location. They may do this with open spaces, stone steps, large pillars, and replicate historical ceilings and floors.

The architectural look of the interior or exterior of your building change the way your customers see you. Architecture is part of the makeup of your brand identity.

A building’s aesthetic and functional purpose affect its image of the people inside it. Big corporates use the design of a building to stand out and get people talking about them. It makes them look like an innovative company and a great place to work; therefore, a great company to buy from.

Creating you

Eventually, as people visit your offices and meet your employees, being known as a forward-thinking employer will follow suit. The environment you have created for your brand speaks volumes about you – and you are ultimately why customers will return.