Why use an architect

Why use an architect Design Studio Architects DSA Leicester Extension Dream Home Office Business Creativity Impartial Thinking

Whether you’re after an internal renovation of just one or two rooms in your house, want to extend your offices, or are designing your dream home from scratch, it is essential to get an architect involved.

Avoid being tempted to cut corners because your project may suffer in the long run. Not convinced? There are two reasons – just two – that make involving an architect priceless.

1. Creativity

Architects design space. They design space for you to live in, work in, and thrive in. Getting to know your family, business, or lifestyle, they create spaces for you to interact in that best suits you; the end user.

These creative individuals invent rooms and buildings based onthe intimacy between you and your home or office. They take into consideration the life cycle of each room and its purpose investigating the future of your life or business.

They may ask if you plan to start a family, or if you predict rapid business growth. For these reasons, you will want to hire an architectthat you feel comfortable with. It’s their training that enables them to dothis. They have a trained eye for predicting trends and, using universal design principles, they make it so that you will not tire of your new space.

2. Impartial thinking

They may study a large amount of art and history, but architects are pretty much an all-knowing creature with expertise in engineering, science, and physics. Whilst getting to know their clients and their work and lifestyle, they are also very impartial because of this.

You are never alone with an architect on your side guiding you through the complex procedures of planning permission and building regulations. Basing their design on the purpose of the building in order to fulfil the brief, they determine time and build constraints as well as opportunities. Architects equip the client and project leaders with vital information, requirements and regulations that will affect the development.

A responsibility the architect also takes upon themselves is to consider the clients’ budget and ensure all features of the brief and professionals hired come within the budget.